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A selection of our global partners:




CoachSource is the world’s leading network of experienced executive coaches and the #1 source of executive coaching services worldwide. Providing turnkey executive coaching solutions worldwide, CoachSource is a one-stop shop for developing, implementing, measuring, and managing executive coaching programs. CoachSource, LLC is a network of more than 900 professional executive coaches in 44 countries worldwide. The firm’s coaches and engagement managers typically have 10-30+ years of industry experience, and many are trained in Marshall Goldsmith’s methods. CoachSource clients include many Fortune 500 corporations, and the firm is a primary sponsor of the Institute of Coaching at the Harvard Medical School.

For more information, please visit coachsource.com


Cultural Detective

Cultural Detective® is a respected, proven process for increasing productivity and strengthening relationships across cultures. A leading multinational credits Cultural Detective for a 30% increase in global customer satisfaction. This highly effective toolset is available via very affordable online subscription or in PDF format for printing. It is the world’s only publicly available process-based method for improving cross-cultural collaboration and developing intercultural competence, the collaboration of over 120 experts worldwide.

For more information, please visit culturaldetective.com


Multicultural Refugee CoalitionMulticultural Refugee Coalition

The Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC) is Austin’s only long-term support network for refugees, offering programs sensitive to refugees’ experiences and challenges, and designed to assist them toward long-term economic well-being. MRC’s Pathways to Self-Sufficiency programs include classes in career planning, ESL, ABE/GED, and computer literacy. Our Community Development programs include a sewing lab, soccer team, community garden, and children’s educational and enrichment program.  MRC is on a mission to empower refugees settled to our community through education, community and reconciliation.