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A Whole New Way of Working – How to access all your talents and skills and match them to the changing workplace

Much has been written about the War for Talent but as the global economy slowly recovers from a wrenching recession, no one’s future – from the boardroom to the mailroom – seems secure. The only thing that seems certain is that – whether we work full-time at a large organization, own a small start-up or operate on our own – we must all actively explore new ways of being relevant and useful to our bosses, our clients, our colleagues (and ourselves) so that we can lead, partner and communicate more effectively with others as the recession recedes. This workshop – inspired by the whole-brain writings of Herrmann, Pink, etc. – will help individuals to understand the new challenges that they are facing; explore what they have to offer now and what might be missing; and create a personal action plan and develop new skills to prepare for the future.

Cultural Competence – Embracing Diversity and Creating Inclusion

“Diversity” has become something of a dirty word in the USA and Europe due to tokenism, quotas and some dubious training practices. This workshop will help both enthusiastic and skeptical participants understand what Diversity, Inclusion and Culture are all about and why they are so important for their organization, their team and themselves. Participants will then learn why and how different people work and communicate in different ways and begin practicing how to relate to them more effectively in future.
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Finding Synergy – Leading Effective Teams and Other Group Projects             

Multicultural teams, alliances and partnerships are a fact of working life nowadays. But so many group projects under-perform at best and fail miserably at worst. This workshop will highlight mistakes for group leaders to avoid and lay out a straightforward process to help them ensure that they are successful in future, whether the group is intact, newly forming, in the same office and/or dispersed around the world. 

Creative Problem Solving – Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of our daily human interactions were pleasant and productive? Unfortunately, this is not usually the case and we are often confronted with “difficult” people and situations in our work (and lives beyond). This workshop will focus on how to understand where (we and) others are coming from and what our and their key motivators are so that we can then build harmonious working relationships in future.

Managing Up – Helping Your Boss Help You to Be Satisfied and Productive at Work

People don’t leave their jobs. They leave their bosses. This is particularly true in the current job market where money is only one of many motivators and rewards for working in an organization, and where well-meaning employees can end up getting exploited or extremely frustrated by manipulative or disorganized superiors. This workshop will help participants identify and practice ways to help their bosses help them to be satisfied and productive at work for the benefit of their organizations, their teams and above all, themselves.

Communicating Virtually – Using Technology to Really Connect with People across Distance

More and more people are working and communicating with counterparts across the country and around the world that they have never seen and may never meet. Technology can provide a crucial bridge but only if it is used properly. This workshop will teach participants how to be more effective in writing, on the phone and on conference calls and video-conferences.

Well-Dressed Presenting and Naked Facilitating – How to use PowerPoint as a visual aid – not a crutch – and how to really connect and engage with any group

PowerPoint has become an invaluable tool for formal presentations and conference keynotes but it is of debatable use for skills training workshops and can actually be a hindrance for more open dialogue situations and brainstorming sessions. Inspired by the whole-brain work of Herrmann, Pink, Tufte and others, this two- to three-day workshop – which will include participant showcases and immediate constructive feedback – will help participants learn: when PowerPoint and other visual media can be effective and when not; how to “dress up” a presentation and use PowerPoint and other visual media “well”, when they are appropriate; and explore other more “naked” ways to connect and engage with groups, when PowerPoint and other visual media are not appropriate.

Holistic Negotiations – Getting beyond the Win-Win

Most negotiation courses talk about “win-win” solutions, which are based off the zero-sum game mentality. This workshop will help participants see negotiating in a completely different, much more holistic way. As well as defining what “negotiating” really means and learning best practices, participants will get to practice how to negotiate more holistically and successfully through extensive role play and constructive feedback

The Power of Stories – Building Bridges through Narrative

The one thing that unites all people of all languages in all cultures is the power of storytelling. Unlike presenting, lecturing or teaching, telling one’s story is a simple but effective way of both sharing and being heard in an open, non-threatening and engaging way. This workshop will help participants to appreciate the magic of stories by crafting and telling their own tales and really listening and responding to others’.


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